Solo Stove fire pit bundles are over 45 percent off right now

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Solo Stove is back with another holiday sale, this time on its fire pit bundles. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the outdoor company has honored all the big summer holidays with fire pit discounts, and now it’s welcoming the warm weather with an April Fool’s Day sale. The very real flash sale offers each of Solo Stove’s three fire bit bundles at over 45 percent off. 


The cheapest option — and smallest, with a 15 inch diameter — is the Ranger Essential Bundle, down to $230 from $425. It’s closely followed by the 19 inch Bonfire Essential Bundle, now at $300 from $570. The largest option is the Yukon Essential Bundle, at 27 inches in diameter and discounted to $550 from $1,010. 

The essential bundles all come with the fire pit itself, a stand, a lid, and a removable base plate and ash pan. The Ranger and Bonfire models also include a carrier bag. 

The removable base plate and ash pan are new to Solo Stove’s Fire Pit 2.0. Until their release last summer, you had to turn the original fire pit upside down every few uses and dump the ashes into a garbage bag. The Ranger, as the smallest model, is 15 pounds and the Yukon weighs in at almost 42 pounds, so this was no easy feat. Now all that’s required to clear it out is lifting up the base plate and grabbing the ash tray.

Solo Stove’s flash sale lasts through end of day Sunday, so you have the weekend to decide if it’s time to upgrade your fire pit for the summer. It’s also worth noting that Amazon has a few of the fire pits on sale, too. The Bonfire model bundled with the ash pan and the base plate is on sale for $276, while the tabletop Mesa version is only $80.

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