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Obsbot Meet 4K: Two-minute review

Unlike the newer 4K webcams that hit the shelves in the last few months, the Obsbot Meet 4K keeps things svelte. And, by svelte, I mean that it’s even smaller and lighter than a GoPro – weighing only 2.54oz (72g) and just 56 X 44 X 32mm (2.2 X 1.73 X 1.26in) in size. It’s pretty impressive, therefore, that it’s capable of capturing 3840 x 2160 videos. 

It also feels luxurious to the touch, thanks in part to its matte finish and rounded edges, yet solid and robust as well. So even if you haven’t heard of the name Obsbot before, you can trust that this isn’t some low-quality webcam that emerged from obscurity during the pandemic.

Obsbot Meet 4K mounted on a display

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

Taking a more minimalist design, there aren’t a lot of physical controls here, but there is one useful button you’ll be behooved to know – the status button, located conveniently at the top, which functions as the sleep button, the Auto Framing button, and the virtual background button. It’ll let you access these features without having to open the supporting app.

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