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Miro is one of those online tools that aims to bridge the gap between traditional office working and the modern hybrid routine that many of us are familiar with. Its success is measured in its popularity among Fortune 100 companies (99%) and 45 million global users.

Miro pricing February 2023

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Miro: Plans and pricing

Miro is available at a number of different price points to suit organizations of different sizes, but it all starts with a free plan that includes some of the software’s most fundamental features. Users get access to one workspace with three editable boards (think of these like individual projects that you’re working on), with over 1,000 templates. There are also more than 100 third-party integrations with other software that you might be using as an organization, including Zoom and Slack. It’s best thought of as a trial to see whether you can benefit from the full paid packages.

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