Athenahealth Review: Pros & Cons, Features, Ratings, Pricing and more

Athenahealth (opens in new tab) is a US based company, started back in 1997, and combined with Virence Health in 2019. At the center of their services is a cloud-based electronic medical record service, known as athenaClinicals (with a quirky spelling that includes a lowercase first letter, and the capital letter in the middle). There is also an emphasis on networking for both exchange of patient information, and benchmarking of outcomes. AthenaHealth’s EHR solution is part of a larger ecosystem of services that includes Patient Engagement, Telehealth, Population Health and more.


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The athenaClinicals EHR component has plenty of features to support clinician’s workflow. This includes functions such as appointment scheduling, billing, compliance tracking, charting and e-prescribing. Entering data is performed, in addition to the usual typing via a keyboard, via voice recognition – powered by Nuance, including  on a mobile device – although handwriting recognition is not offered. To keep this affordable, it is also certified for meaningful use (which can provide a financial incentive), and is fully HIPAA certified.

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