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Asus ROG Azoth: Two-minute review

The Asus ROG Azoth is an excellent wireless keyboard that could make you reconsider some of your biases surrounding keyboards. It certainly did that for me, as before I used the Asus ROG Azoth, I dismissed compact gaming keyboards for feeling too cramped and not offering enough of additional features I’ve come to love about the full-size keyboards I usually use to type and play games on.

Yet, the Asus ROG Azoth has a chance at topping not only our best mini keyboards list, but our best gaming keyboards one as well. As a 75% keyboard, it keeps its size down by jettisoning certain keys. Like a Tenkeyless, to TKL, keyboard, you don’t get the numpad, and the keys that remain are cleverly moved to minimise space. So, you get a more compact keyboard than a TKL, but you don’t sacrifice quite as many keys as a 60% keyboard. 

With the Asus ROG Azoth, you still get the full range of F keys at the top, as well as the Insert, Delete, Page Up and Page Down keys, which are moved so they run down the right-hand side. By pressing the function key, you can then use those same keys for Pause, Scroll Lock, Home and End functions – a smart way of ensuring functionality isn’t lost with the removal of certain keys.

Asus ROG Azoth wireless gaming keyboard with RGB lighting on a wooden desk

(Image credit: Future)

Most importantly of all (for me at least), the four arrow keys are maintained. I use these a lot not just in games, but when typing, as it’s a quick way to jump around a document. The lack of these dedicated arrow keys on 60% keyboards (and smaller) has meant I’ve never wanted to use them for my day-to-day tasks. With the Asus ROG Azoth, I could see how well it could fit into my life.

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